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NET stbank zvis. COM traderwheelsanddeals. COM craiglist. Good people are good to good people, but that's not how you can tell. It's when they are good to those who are not as good when the true character trait provides a model worth following. Your persistence and determination make this day interesting because you'll get to see what happens beyond the point where most would have given up. There's kookiness and magic on the other side of that boundary. Inspiration always has an element of the novel, maybe a twist, or an expectation far exceeded.

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  8. No one gets inspired by what they've already seen. You bring originality and that element of newness to what you do today. Do whatever you can to get some kind of consensus happening in the group, even if it's on the most basic tenant of reality. These days, agreement on a shared reality is, it turns out, a much harder achievement than one might think.

    LEO July Aug. Your imagination is going so strong it's sure to get the best of you. For this reason, you need to be extra-vigilant about what you feed it. Try a diet of positivity, humor and happy ideas.

    Who needs a color screen to read a book?

    That's good stuff to chew on for a while. You're very teachable these days, mostly because you want to learn, are highly receptive and just happen to be surrounded by some of the best and brightest minds. You weren't around when earlier generations of your family made their mistakes, and yet you're still affected by those and are likewise still being influenced by their successes.

    You'll be on the lookout for examples of love, compassion, decency Though you may have to start with a lower standard such as "people who don't bicker on social media" and work up from there. Ideas inspire you but examples give you something to strive for.

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    Examples, plus instructions, followed by action is the magic sequence that will transform your life. Theoretical knowledge could really let people down today so wherever possible, put the thing in action, give it legs, take it out of your mind and let it dance or stumble around, as the case may be on the stage of life. All can fulfill anyone's minimum daily requirement for exploding images. Indeed, books have become an escape from the noise, clutter and flash of video.

    I have a hundred-plus cable channels, a Netflix subscription and a Roku to stream video on demand. But all these options can't always fill my need for a good story the way a book can. Books let readers customize images and emotions. Furthermore, books don't have to be recharged — nor does one's brain.

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    A day of staring at TVs and computer monitors can strain the eyes. The iPad is another cornea-parching screen. By contrast, the Kindle does not have a backlit display, so it's easier on the peepers.

    Projo daily horoscope
    Projo daily horoscope
    Projo daily horoscope
    Projo daily horoscope
    Projo daily horoscope

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