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On December 10th, we saw a partial lunar eclipse in Gemini which rules telephones and tape recordings, and also the media and Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules foreign countries. So, what went down around that time? I was interviewed about their astrological meaning by Channel Four at Glastonbury, on August 11th, , when the sky went dark, two owls next to me fell asleep and the whole town fell silent. It was unforgettable. Standing on Glastonbury Tor watching the morning turn into night was a real lesson for me as an astrologer.

The question you should always ask when an eclipse comes around is this: What am I not seeing? As a general rule, when you see an eclipse coming, count the day before and after, and suspend big judgements or dramatic action plans. Eclipses conceal. They never fully reveal. They often blot out what needs to be seen. You are not shown the full picture.

It can be harmless, but if you, or the people around you or even the nation gets hit by an eclipse, you will be affected. There is no need to be paranoid about eclipses, but you need to be aware that all is not what it seems. Sometimes you will never, ever know the full story. An Eclipse on a New Moon, when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign and at the same degree or number, is the birth of something new, but it will involve concealed information, unknown facts or missing details.

Be careful. An Eclipse on a Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, at the same degree or number, also blots out what needs to be seen. It is more challenging, because the Full Moon describes inner or outer conflicts, too. Capricorn the mountain goat is a very old symbol in astrology, going back at least years and counting. This image turned up on my Twitter feed. You can follow me there jessicacadams and ask questions, closer to the time.

Why January ? Because we see a massive line-up in Capricorn then which you have not experienced in your life and will not see again. Or fall off. Seriously, watch the headlines on or close to 16th July. Are you a Premium Member? Check your chart for factors at 24 Capricorn in your Tenth House of achievement, ambition and success. If you have anything there, please be cautious about judging or acting too dramatically about your career, unpaid work or university degree on July 15th, 16th, 17th.

This is about your place in high society; your position on the social ladder; your profession; your desire to be at the top and your ability to stay at the top. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the peak from the bottom, patiently and steadily. This intense, unusual pattern will peak in January when we have a sweeping range of horoscope factors, also in this sign. Where are you doing it tough in ? What will lead to a major decision in January ? Aries: Career. Social position. Your desire to get to the top and stay at the top.

Taurus: Travel. Foreign people and places. Other religions and belief systems. Gemini: Finance. Bank loans and mortgages. Pensions and superannuation. Cancer: Former, current and potential partners. Enemies, rivals and opponents.

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Double acts. Leo: Paid and unpaid work. Daily routine. Your fitness. Your physical and mental health. Virgo: Sexual relationships that may lead to co-parenting. Generation Y. Libra: House. Scorpio: Internet. Sagittarius: Finance. Art and jewelry. Capricorn: Image. Aquarius: Your God.

Your inner life.

Virgo and Pisces North Node

Pisces: Friends. Trade Unions. Online communities like Meetups. If you want to know more about eclipses, just hit Search and do read Comments — my readers around the world have left so many fantastic real-world examples of how eclipses have affected them over the years. All three men had horoscopes which showed Leo eclipse patterns. As you will know if you are a regular reader, an eclipse is always a cover-up or a blind spot. Those Leo eclipses of spelled very dark days — I am sure you will remember one of those hot summer eclipses in particular sent the United States of America into deep shadow.

And it touches on the personal astrology birth chart for Prince Andrew, featured below, in Vanity Fair, with his partner Sarah, Duchess of York, in jollier times. Bloomberg ran this headline opinion piece right on July 8th. The key date prediction July 8th and general forecasts about July-August appear in red. Why the young Trumps? Because one half of these eclipses occur in Leo, the royal sign , which rules dynasties and kings.

In America that means the President, his children and their partners and children. We might also bring some other Aquarian groups into that mix. The Democrats. The FBI. The whole point of eclipses is that they cover things up. Yet — we have to wonder about the role of Great Britain and MI6 in this too. Leo is royal. The mess of June through August Expect lies. Mercury is retrograde. Do not believe what you hear or read about the Trump dynasty then.

Fake news? You bet. The summer of is D-Day for the Dynasty, though. Around June 28th, , the news about the Trump children and their circle, begins to roll as Mercury passes 0 Leo. From July 8th the story starts to change. By July 19th what we thought we knew, near June 28th — we do not.

Hang in there. Mercury, the planet which rules Twitter, newspapers, television stations, speeches, statements, computers, telephones and paperwork is going forwards. Then he goes backwards. Then he vanishes. Then he goes forwards again, but the story will change — or even be scrapped. But at last it will feel as if we are finally getting the truth. Mars is also in Leo, July 2nd through August 18th, Mars is the red planet and it shows battles.

This is going to be like some epic Georgian feud involving a monarch and the heirs to his throne — and those against them. Again, Leo rules monarchy and the clue is in the name. Astrology is about history. Going even further back, to the Leo node cycle of January 6th through September 20th The Guardian. The counts against Epstein allege that he drew dozens of underage girls to his home on the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.

Prosecutors will allege some of the girls were as young as If convicted, Epstein could face up to 45 years in federal prison, according to the New York Times. As the Epstein saga moves back into public view the White House could come under the spotlight. This was a long piece I wrote on the Leo weather in astrology , which was historic, dramatic and pulled in everything from Lolita, the notorious book by Nabokov, to the same famous names now being mentioned in connection with the Epstein arrest by at least two major international media outlets.

And counting. An unclear, patchy or obscured period. It is neither negative nor positive. It just does not show you, what it normally should. On a world scale we will see cover-ups involving the British royal family, but also the American White House family …. He then jumped over her in the line of succession…. What happens when the heir has no children, and the spare may be gay?

What happens when the royal bedchamber, that home of royal privilege, allows the ruler to do whatever he pleases, with whom he pleases, whatever the laws of the day might say about sex? Scorpio is usually written about in astrology books as the sign to associate with the unacceptable side of sex. Leo is not immune. Promiscuity leads to sexually transmitted disease. There is nothing particularly noble, regal or dignified about V. Vladimir Nabokov produced Lolita in during the long Pluto in Leo cycle. The power of sex. The power of the teenager. This was not a charming tale of courtly love, knights and damsels.

It was the story of a nymphet step-daughter and her middle-aged stepfather. I do not know if he has yet been compared to Tiberius. Does Leo turn up in his birth chart? There are still two conflicting birth times for Trump. The Leo mythology at the White House suggests we can expect trouble at the court, though. Those eclipses, and the arrival of not only Ceres but two long Mercury Retrograde periods in Leo, points to all manner of complication by The young heir apparent, Barron Trump the clue is in the name is ten years old and also known as Little Donald.

Former wives Ivana and Marcia Maples are also in the family tree. A very Leo thing happened in on the last major Leo Node cycle. Sun Leo U. President Bill Clinton was acquitted in his impeachment trial for allegedly lying about his affair with Sun Leo intern Monica Lewinsky. Bill was King. The people rose up against him, but he kept his crown. The North Node in Leo is about debts and credits from the last cycle, after all. The Node in transit can sometimes confront us. We are seeing the Clinton connection with Epstein raise uncannily similar questions on social media, to those which circulated about him and his fellow much younger Leo Monica Lewinsky back in We are also seeing Trouble in the Court of King Trump.

As for the British Royal Family, we have no idea what those cover-ups have been, across the recent Leo eclipse weather. But cover-ups are a keynote of such times. Please recall the original astrology prediction I am filing this on July 8th over the next few weeks — in regard to messy information, a scrapped and changing story and the long quest for truth. Keep asking questions! If you want to know more about how astrology predicts the future using the Eclipse and North Node and South Node cycle, please come to my Stonehenge and Avebury Astrology Walk launch — where we will talk about why Stonehenge is an eclipse and node calculator — on Monday, 15th July, at The Astrological Lodge of London , near Baker Street.

NASA are celebrating — but do you also have reason to celebrate? What does it mean for your horoscope? We are seeing a huge number of Moon-related books taking over the internet in July How do astrologers see this partial lunar eclipse on the Moon Landing 50th anniversary though? It falls in Capricorn at one end ambition to get to the top and Cancer at the other home. I am sure you can see how the Apollo Moon Mission itself, at the end of the Sixties, was about being first to fly the homeland flag as part of the most ambitious plan of the 20th century.

That pattern might be in your own life. Perhaps that was when you left home to go to university. It may be in the lives of the people around you — partners, friends, family. In July these old loops in time are back. We grow up with the moon in nursery rhymes so as adults we tend to think we know it.

Why not? Because the moon is in shadow. And you will be too. We will all be overshadowed by a lack of visibility. This is a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse which will affect every zodiac sign not just Capricorn. It means that the earth crosses between the Sun and Moon casting a shadow on the lunar surface.

Even though you might feel you need to do something about the Capricorn-ruled area of your life this is career, if you have personal birth factors in Capricorn too — hold off. This applies to people you know as well. If they are actually Capricorn, or have horoscope factors in that sign, then they have patterns which are about success, achievement, ambition, social climbing, social status, rank, position, mission and ambition.

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These are more intense in July as Pluto and Saturn are also in Capricorn. The squeeze is on! Yet — astrology tells us, as does history, that if you act or judge on an eclipse, you do so without full awareness or knowledge. An eclipse conceals it never reveals. Eclipses are rather like driving a car with one or both headlights broken. Instead, what we get on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landings, right on this eclipse, is blind spots, cover-ups and patchy vision.

In Great Britain you can see this eclipse from Moonrise between 9pm and 10pm depending on your location. The rest of the world, from New York to Melbourne, will be experiencing it at different stages, live on Twitter — make sure you follow the hashtag Moon50 to track its progress. In a moment I will look at your Sun Sign or solar sign chart, which shows the weather forecast for you in astrology and everyone else born under your sign. In astrology tradition states that the regions or countries where an eclipse is visible, suggest where there is a national blackout, blind spot or cover-up taking place.

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It takes a transit, or pattern, crossing the same zodiac sign Capricorn at the same degree as the eclipse 24 degrees later on, for us to understand that the jigsaw pieces were missing in a very dark puzzle. This will happen in January It will honestly take that long for transits to cross over 24 Capricorn and wake us up to July The life and times of Diana, Princess of Wales, began with two eclipses either side of her wedding to Prince Charles the cover-up was his love for a married woman, Camilla Parker-Bowles and continued until she passed, with another eclipse and a further cover-up according to all the laws of astrology.

You can also find them named in the index of the now-classic Andrew Morton book on the Princess of Wales, written with her full co-operation. It is virtually her autobiography. These two astrologers are rather like the William Lilly or Dr. John Dee of their day both these astrologers were also closely entwined with the fate of the royal family in Great Britain.

And they have an incredible story to tell. We also find eclipses playing a part in the saga of Lance Armstrong — a sports cover-up of epic proportions — and the assassination of John F. Make no mistake. Eclipses leave us in the dark and the cover-up is often stunning. This last point is important.

I was giving a talk in rather chaotic conditions at The Astrological Lodge of London on Monday 15th July, when yet again their computer failed to show my films and photographs. I turned to paper instead and was looking for a blank piece to write on, using a large flip-chart. I found an old scrawl from years ago, by me I recognised my own handwriting showing…the chart of President John F. He was killed on the year of a sweeping American eclipse. They say everything goes in threes — we find two of the previous American presidents, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan — both entwined with unusual Moon cycles in their lives and careers.

In fact, Reagan turned to an astrologer, Joan Quigley, for advice during his term, particularly after surviving an assassination attempt. Yet — even without it — these eclipses in the sign of Cancer the nation and Capricorn leadership are dark days for him. As the leader of the nation he is symbolically tangled up in the cover-ups and blind spots of July and they will culminate in peak crisis in January Be aware that you are not aware.

This can be for quite harmless reasons. Someone is planning a surprise birthday party for you. Not surprisingly, eclipses also tally with crime. Murder, even. Conspiracy and corruption. We just saw a New York blackout in July People blamed this on Mercury Retrograde, as they are inclined to blame everything on Mercury Retrograde, but a blackout is literally the impact of an eclipse — and July began with a total eclipse. What was being covered up in Manhattan, or who was being covered up? As astrologers and astrology readers, we should always ask questions at such times.

The New York blackout of July also ran alongside a freak result for England against New Zealand in a cricket tournament worth millions. That freakish outcome must have paid handsomely to lucky gamblers. Or were they more than lucky? Prince Andrew served at the final. He had only just been named in connection with Jeffrey Epstein, and his underage sex trafficking circle — and of course Epstein had his apartment door kicked down and broken into by the F. We absolutely should predict the future. Astrology is for the people, by the people.

You can watch this lunar eclipse with the naked eye, but what you are seeing, astrologically, is what you are not seeing! This eclipse is unusual because this Full Moon in Capricorn is in the same house of your horoscope life department as Pluto, Saturn and the South Node.

So, most intensely in the last 12 months, for the first and last time your life, you are experiencing big questions about power and control Pluto , patience and stamina Saturn and karma going back in 19 year cycles South Node regarding just one concern in your life. If you look around you, just about every other person you see is tired.

There is a good reason for that. We are all being pulled, slowly, through an excruciatingly long period of tests and trials, courtesy of Capricorn weather. If you are a Premium Member you will know that the more Capricorn factors you have in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and university life — the bigger the drag! For more in-depth reading on Saturn in Capricorn in your life — the cycle that demands staying power in the face of unavoidable life lessons — look at a previous astrology feature here.

If you have Capricorn factors even just one in your personal birth chart, as a Premium Member you can check that now, on screen. This means that the eclipse for the anniversary of the Moon landing is a cover-up or blind spot regarding your career, unpaid work or university degree. This eclipse is falling in your Tenth House of achievement, ambition, position and mission. Best to avoid judgement calls and action plans at such times.

On a world scale, The Capricorn Effect are are set to see in December , January is triggered by this eclipse. The cover-ups involving the people at the top Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens will have their final answer in about six months. You can read more about this history-making, life-changing period here as 12th January is the date that transforms the planet.

From North Korea to the United States, there is no going back — but it all starts Tuesday 16th July with a huge blind spot for all of us. I no longer trust the astrological charts of Donald Trump or people in his world, like Jeffrey Epstein, for some very good reasons. Yet, we hear Epstein is a Sun Capricorn. In which case — it may well be that particular goat who brings towers down, towers being modern equivalents of the old Roman mountains of astrology.

GEMINI — Finance, property, business, charity, valuable possessions, taxes, shares, rent, mortgage, legacy, will, insurance. CANCER — Wife, husband, former partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, professional partner, enemy, opponent, rival, other half. You are in Capricorn weather which is taking you back to the years about 19 years ago.

Now is the time to try and appreciate how that period in your life affects today. In general, in the areas of your life listed above, you are experiencing profound delays, tests of your patience, obstacles like jumping over hurdles at the Olympics and a real education.

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  6. It may feel as if this cycle has been with you for years. It began in and intensified with the arrival of Saturn and the South Node both in Capricorn — felt tremendously in This cycle eases up hugely when Jupiter the planet of solutions enters Capricorn in December It is mostly over from December when Saturn leaves Capricorn! So, you are in this for the long haul, but you also have light at the end of the tunnel. That zone of your chart will become like new. You will have made it through — and learned a lot.

    If you are curious about the karmic aspects of what you are going through with this Capricorn weather, thanks to the South Node in Capricorn, you can read more about that here:. Part of the reason for that is the two eclipses we just saw across a New Moon and Full Moon in July There are 24 secrets locked up in Full Moons, as each time we experience them, the Sun is in one of 12 zodiac signs, and the Moon in another of the 12 signs. Lunar Eclipses give us cover-up jobs, blind spots and obscured or blacked-out situations.

    These also happen on a Full Moon, so we have another 24 messages…. The 50th Moon secret, and the most important of all, is your own Moon sign. Knowing this is just as important as knowing your Sun sign, or regular zodiac sign. What does your Moon sign say about you? In this extract from the 1 Amazon astrology list bestseller, Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide, I will look at the Moon sign you were born with and how it shows aspects of your personality and life. The Moon rules nurses, cooks, mothers and teachers. It also rules impressive cleavage, milkshakes and people with big, round, pale faces — just like the Moon.

    If you are strongly lunar you have a stellium in Cancer and the Moon makes exact patterns or aspects in your chart then you could make a career in a school or hospital. You may devote yourself to full-time parenting. At the legendary Cleo magazine, where I once worked in Australia, we had our periods in unison, and the office imploded. Once a month you have your Lunar Return. The Moon returns to the same sign and degree number where it originally stood in your birth chart, all those years ago. If you want to fully understand what your Moon Sign and House is all about, track what happens at those times.

    If you have the Moon in Aries, once a month, the Moon will turn up in Aries and you will find your Me Agenda takes over your life for a couple of days. You can read more about your Moon Sign further on in the book. It shows, specifically, how you need to be needed. If your Moon Sign is part of a stellium in your birth chart you have more than three factors there you will be powerfully lunar.

    You care. You protect. You nurture. Your Moon Sign reveals how you play mother. This applies to men too. The phases of the Moon change over a Women also have periods every month — about 29 days. It reveals how you feed, nurture and care for people, either alone or in groups. It describes how you look after babies, children and animals. You learn how to express your Moon Sign from your mother, stepmother or grandmother, for better or worse.

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    If your Moon has hard-work aspects in your birth chart, then mothering others may also be hard work for you. You are. Your Moon Sign may be the same as one of her dominant signs, too. You are Boadicea, fighting for your family or your people, using yourself as the attack or defence. You are frequently found in black nylon tights, fighting for your rights. You are Sir Lancelot, too, whose reputation precedes him, leading the battle cry as you gallantly look after your version of Queen Guinevere.

    You were born to be upfront, putting yourself well ahead of the pack, pushing and thrusting your way forward, on behalf of who or what you care about. This is a brilliant Moon sign for anyone in uniform. Moon in Aries people fight for you by fighting against someone or something else, which is why you are so gifted at politics, the emergency services, the armed forces, sport or cutthroat business.

    If you have this Moon sign, life is a challenge. Sometimes the issue is personal. A lifelong feud with your ex, or his. You find it hard to back down or just walk away. The way you dress, walk, shape your body, have your hair and put your best face forward is unusually important to you. Your name and title also matter a lot. They work hard for you. You have no time for wimps. Moon in Aries people overhear an argument, or see a fight, and wade in using themselves as the weapon. You may rush in where angels fear to tread if you have this Moon sign.

    You are fast and furious by nature and that tendency increases when you have children, or become a babysitter, aunt, uncle, stepparent or godparent. Bullies tremble when they see you. You fight like a tiger if your young are threatened. You can be too pushy, too noisy, too inflammatory fanning the flames when there is heat on the internet for some. Adrenaline pumps into your bloodstream when you are scared or angry — on behalf of others more than yourself — and before you know it, you are branded a human battering ram.

    Are you a pushy parent? Do you go nuts when your children are playing sport? If you care deeply about someone, you will find a way to give them money, make them money or save it for them. Sometimes the issue is not money, it is precious possessions; a house; an apartment. It is your way of showing that people matter to you.

    Even your animal companions are given gifts and treats, more frequently than others — or on a bigger scale. Fido can be a fatso, as a result. If money is too tight to mention, you will grow flowers, bake bread or knit jumpers. You need to feel needed by those who are genuinely needy, most of all. Never doubt how important this is to people who depend on you.

    Libra (September 22 – October 23)

    Moon in Taurus people have a reputation for being tight with money or obsessed with it. This only happens when you are so generous with others that you end up miscalculating and panic. You have a strong set of values and you do not budge once you have decided what those values are. You stubbornly resist change if it threatens you and yours. You plant your feet on the ground and simply refuse to move. You can be the snorting bull who digs her hooves in the mud — forever. Sometimes, change is good, though.

    Fear of losing what you have, or what you hold on behalf of others, can make you a hoarder. You may even become grasping. It should not rule your life, nor your happiness. You are a natural environmentalist or conservationist and believe in preserving wilderness and the oceans, because they are priceless.

    You are the human internet, who connects people to each other using Twitter, your e-mail account or your smartphone. You always know the real story and you know how to tell it, as well. People listen and read attentively, because Moon in Gemini is the mother of all writers, conversationalists, public speakers or…gossips.

    You talk to animals, who are not supposed to understand except they do and to very small children who have not said their first word. Children, godchildren, nieces, nephews, stepchildren all benefit from your vocabulary, because you do not believe in dumbing down just because someone is…aged two.

    You choose your words very carefully because you know they can heal or hurt. You use the English language like a bandage, or a nip of brandy in an emergency. You are the person who delivers the eulogy at the funeral or says exactly the right thing, at the wake. You always know what to put in the card, or within the Twitter word limit.

    If you have a stellium in Gemini, then your way with words, ideas or images may be a job. You are a natural translator and may be very good with foreign languages or gifted at translating difficult concepts into plain English. The Moon in Gemini has been compared to a monkey, chattering and jumping around.

    You are more like a bumblebee, collecting ideas, news, gossip and information — then buzzing across to the next location to drop it. Here is a preview for the upcoming new moon in Aries. To purchase Debra Silverman's latest book, simply use this link - astrologyanswers. All 12 zodiac signs 3 love card reading for april 15th 16th born with vail.

    This is a general midmonth reading for the sign of Leo for the remainder of April If you would like a private reading with me you can email me at virgorising33 gmail. Weekly Horoscopes! April 15 - 20, TheSunnySide. Next Workshop! Overview Arie.. This is a general reading for the sign of Cancer for the remainder of April This daily horoscope for this weekend has Venus going direct.

    There is a shift going on with what we value. Much of this might be about what we've been reconsidering or learning about relationships the past six weeks. The Moon will be in Scorpio and.. Zodiac Sign Is Taurus Read the full article at www. This is a general reading for the sign of Gemini for the remainder of April Come visit me on instagram for daily updates micheleknight www.

    If you would like to schedule a personal reading with me you can contact me at: www. Watch the L.. However, with the Sun in the polar opposite sign of Virgo forming a Grand Trine in earth signs with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus this should help to stabilise things. The government has been forced to front up to a farcical Question Time in the Senate, with a frontbench massively depleted by a raft of resignations. If he gets the petition, the meeting of 84 MPs will be called for 12pm tomorrow Friday.

    Dutton forces are confident they have the numbers. If a majority of Liberal MPs want a leadership spill, Turnbull will quit Parliament, causing a by-election. Aretha Franklin known as the Queen of Soul, will not only be remembered for her beautiful songs that enthralled so many people but also her political and social activism. The musical icon, who passes away at the age of 76 in Detroit, Michigan was also an integral part of the Civil Rights movement, using both her platform and her voice to advocate for racial equality. Born to preacher and civil rights activist Clarence L.

    She did 11 concerts for free and hosted us at her home and did a fundraiser for my campaign. Aretha has always been a very socially conscious artist, an inspiration, not just an entertainer. She has shared her points of view from the stage for challenged people, to register to vote, to stand up for decency.

    Aretha Franklin was born on 25 March at She was a passionate Aries with her Sun opposite soulful Neptune, with the Moon in sensitive Cancer in the 8th house and a Scorpio ascendant so was able to channel that soulful passion through her singing. She has a double 7 in her numerology so she is an old soul with much wisdom to share. She was born in the number 3 month endowing her with great creative inspiration. Her life path number is number 8 which has a Saturnian element to it bringing trials and tests in her life.

    Transiting Jupiter was conjunct her ascendant when she died liberating her from the earthly realm where many ave said to sing gospel in heaven. He has Pluto conjunct the Moon in Cancer endowing him with deep feelings and Jupiter in Aquarius which would promote his humanitarian ethic. He also has Mars trine Neptune which fits in with his description of him as the softly spoken diplomat.

    Tributes poured in from around the world for Kofi Annan, the first sub-Saharan African to lead the United Nations, whose work revitalising the organisation and putting human rights at the core of its mission was recognised with a Nobel peace prize. In a rare moment of unity, leaders around the globe and across the spectrum, from Tony Blair to Vladimir Putin, remembered his charisma, commitment and diplomatic gifts. He had an enormous amount of charm and terrific political instinct.

    April 15 zodiac sign

    He rose through the ranks to lead the organisation into the new millennium with matchless dignity and determination. Venus feels comfortable here as it is the ruler of your 2nd house of finances and values. It not only gives opportunities to enhance your finances and beautify your surroundings but also encourages you to value your financial prowess.

    Venus graces your career sector with her presence from July bringing harmony. Mercury your ruling planet also pays a visit here from June enhancing your communicating and networking skills. Mercury pays an extended visit in your domestic sector from 6 November to 11 January will promote communication and networking with family members. Relationships Your relationship sector will be activated this year with the continued presence of Neptune, Chiron here. There will be a solar eclipse on 26 February here.

    The lessons learned from Neptune and Chiron are bitter-sweet but the potential for spiritual growth is manifold. Quicksilver Mercury pays a visit here from 26 February to 13 March highlighting communications with your partners whether intimate of business associates. Sweet Venus graces your relationship sector with her presence from 4 January to 3 February bringing love and harmony to your relationships. Mars activates your love sector from 20 December to 28 January which may cause you to be impatient or restless and more determined to have your needs met.

    Friendships Both Mercury and Venus pay visits to your friendship sector. Mercury visits here from 22 June to 6 July facilitating communication and networking. Venus graces your friendship sector from 1 — 26 August bringing harmony and conviviality to your social networks. This solar total eclipse is a once in a life time celestial event. The last one like this occurred over the US in and the one before that occurred in Both these previous solar eclipses reconstellate the themes of the current eclipse about racism and white supremacy.

    The total solar eclipse will also impact the natal chart of President Trump 14 June The eclipse falls in the 9th house of the US chart concerning legal matters, foreign affairs, immigration, travel, higher education, philosophy and religion. As I began to write this post we can feel the tension building to a crescendo in the US in the week before the solar eclipse.

    As the moon casts its shadow across the US Americans are being confronted with their own shadow — the ugliness of the truth of the ascendancy of white supremacists and their past history of slavery, the American Civil War and racial oppression. It all began with the ugly demonstrations by the white supremacists, KKK and Neo Nazis who were protesting against. Map of location of Confederate Statues. Trump only escalated the situation when he made the most inflammatory statements to date in his presidency saying that some of the Nazi, KKK and white supremacist demonstrators were fine people.

    The issues which are polarising people originate in their past history of the civil war and slavery where passions spilled over when the Council of Charlottesville decided to remove the statue of the confederate Robert E Lee. This planned action has precipitated more removals of statues some of which have been removed by angry anti racist protesters and others that are being removed by city leaders citing safety fears.

    Baltimore Council removed four confederate statues in the dead of night and at least nine other cities are planning to follow suit. This action has sparked a backlash with white supremacists claiming that this is tantamount to genocide of white people! Most of the statues were erected in the s, as Jim Crow laws were being established and in the s during a period of Southern resistance to the civil rights movement. Between and confederate states starting with Mississippi passed new constitutions or amendments that disenfranchised most blacks. Trump plays to his base, angry white male supremacists, while alienating Republicans, Charity groups, Corporate leaders, Religious leaders, World leaders etc.

    The prominent corporate leaders resigned from his business advisory councils as did the Arts and Humanities Council. To begin, the Anti-Defamation League is launching a partnership with more than mayors — in conjunction with the US Conference of Mayors — with the goal of rejecting hate in cities across the country. Arnold Schwarzenegger with Trump bobble head doll.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Republican Governor of California, lampooned Trump in a skit telling a Trump bobble head doll what he should have said about Charlottesville. Mayor Greg Stanton of Phoenix Arizona is disappointed that Trump has heeded his advice to delay his planned campaign style rally in Phoenix on Tuesday as their nation needs time to heal after the tragic events of Charlottesville.

    He is the latest in a string of staffers to leave the White House. The level of his destructiveness is staggering. Another commentator claimed that Trump is spiralling down in a vortex of chaos of his own making with a whole staff turnover of his White House in seven months. You may notice that my blog has had a facelift.

    I am eternally grateful to my dear friend and astrology colleague Kerrie Redgate for her tireless efforts in helping me make my blog more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We spent hours together on Monday on the day of the Full Moon in Pisces working on my blog. The new design is not complete yet. It is a work in progress. It gives me great pleasure to be able to share with you also the astrology cards for each month for the different signs that my sister Sue and I co-created back in We owe our inspiration in part to the mythology series we undertook with the C.

    Bailey under the guidance of the Tibetan, Master Djwahl Khul. I, God I Matter am.


    Happy Birthday to all the Virgoans who celebrate their birthdays between August 24 and September It is one of triad of Earth signs — along with Capricorn and Taurus. The closed M of the Virgo represents the untouched vagina; the coils represent the loops of the ovaries and the uterus; the circle represents the intact hymen. She is about 46 degrees in length and is therefore one of the longest of the zodiacal asterisms. Virgo, as goddess of the harvest, finds herself in a very bountiful area of the heavens. Within the boundary of her intact body are over nebulas.

    This abundance of latent energy is made manifest by the practical resourcefulness of those individuals born under her rays. The Virgin is usually depicted in an angelic form, her two wings extending out into space. In her hand she holds a shaft of wheat or an ear of corn, symbolic of the fruitfulness of Woman. The shaft of wheat is represented by one of the brightest stars in the sky, Spica. This highly placed lady even has her own jewels, i. Hercules fighting Queen Hippolyte to obtain the sacred girdle. This girdle had been given to the queen by Venus the goddess of love and is a symbol of unity achieved through struggle, conflict, strife, as well as being a symbol of motherhood and the sacred Child.

    Hercules fought and struggled with Hippolyte, paying no attention to what she was trying to tell him. He wrenched the girdle from her, only to find out her hands held out and were offering him the gift, the symbol of unity and love, of sacrifice and faith. Despite this, he slaughtered her, much to the chagrin of the women, bereft of leadership and love of Hippolyte. Hercules rescuing Hesione from the belly of the sea monster.

    The opportunity for Hercules to redeem himself occurs when he rescues the maiden Hesione from the belly of the sea monster. The Teacher allows Hercules to pass through the sixth gate, pronouncing that his good deed has redeemed him. Being the sign of health, work and service, Virgoans are drawn to careers in health such as medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, chiropractics, hygiene and nutrition. Is also present in considerable quantities in the scalp and hair.

    Venus to support you in your financial dealings from 16 August to 11 September. Jupiter the planet of good fortune continues its sojourn through your solar 10th house of career until 26 June bringing opportunities for expansion in your goals for your career. Dynamic Mars activates your career sector from 31 May to 13 July which will boost your confidence and energy to be assertive as far your career is concerned.

    Mercury your ruling planet also pays two visits here from 9 May to 4 June and from August 23 to 9 September enhancing your communicating and networking skills. Venus graces your domestic sector on two separate occasions from 16 December to 9 January and again from 7 October to 5 November promoting harmony in your family relationships and giving opportunities to beautify your home.

    The lunar eclipse on 25 May will bring into sharp focus issues around life work balance creating tension but ultimately resolution will be reached once you have achieved clarity with regard to your priorities. Relationships Neptune the planet of spirituality continues its 14 year passage in your relationship sector teaching you compassion and non-attachment.

    Other planetary visitors to your love sector are Mars and Mercury. Mars activates your love sector from 2 February to 12 March which may cause you to be impatient or restless and more determined to have your needs met. Quicksilver Mercury pays an extended visit here from 5 February to 14 April highlighting communications with your partners whether intimate of business associates.

    Friendships and groups should be filled with buoyancy with jovial Jupiter gracing your friendship sector from 26 June until mid-June

    virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Virgo january 18 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

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