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In Lal Kitab, there are mentioned Baits of Sacrifice for every planet which means that a real planet spoils the effects of other planet instead of its own, in this case the Sun will take benefit of this and push forward Ketu to be punished or in other words, ill effects of Sun will be transferred to Ketu. This is the main reason for trouble to ones male child which is represented by Ketu.

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So, before performing any remedy for this planet, it is must for a person with Sun in 11th house to refrain from use of meat etc. Example: Sun in 10th house: Placement of the Sun in 10th house of horoscope, it is advised to native that he should not wear dark blue and black color clothes and avoid moving bareheaded. White and wheatish color turban or cap will give auspicious results.

Source of light in western wall of his house will give adverse effects. He should avoid stay for long time with his in-laws and keep good relations with them. Hot tempered nature will spoil him. Why all this is quoted in this house alone? Reason for this can be very well explained in the light of Lal Kitab. As 10th house of horoscope is the own house of Saturn, when Sun comes to the house of Saturn, it will make Sun a weak planet. So, to protect Sun, first of all, remedies are done through colors of malefic planets, i. Secondly, to correct Rahu, help through behavior with relatives of Rahu is advised.

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Next, native is advised to control his temper and reduce the use of common salt salty items , which are representing items of the Sun. If native follows above guidelines in his life, when the Sun is placed in 10th house, he will be a successful person. There are more remedies, which may be performed in addition to changes as quoted above, but these changes will give him a great relief. This is a clear example of behavior karma of native, which spoils or improves the results of the concerned planet, by obeying guidelines given in Lal Kitab, in relation with planetary behavior.

There is a great number of such remedies, which are quoted in Lal Kitab in connection by linking every planet with every house of horoscope and also by paying attention towards ill influences of other planets on concerned planet, which are very much logical in their explanation, when someone tries or makes an effort to understand these remedies. Every remedy works effectively when performed strictly according to Lal Kitab direction. As every body part is linked to some planet, so there are a number of remedies which can be performed through the concerned body part: In Lal Kitab, relationship of Planets with various body parts of human beings is very well explained; e.

Similarly, every part is representing some planet, and there are a number of remedial measures quoted to ward of ill influences of different planets, as an when required by linking that remedy with concerned planet and house of horoscope with that body part, which prove very effective in giving curative results, few examples of which are quoted below: 1. Cleaning of nose early in morning with water and keep nose dry a remedy for Jupiter. Cleansing teeth every morning with fresh water immediately after getting out of bed a remedy for Mars —Venus, through by curing Mercury.

Use of Alum an item of Mercury planet for cleaning teeth for 43 days is recommended to correct ill influences of planet Mercury. Piercing of nose is recommended a remedy of Mercury. Piercing of Ears is recommended a remedy of Ketu. Tie up pure white silk thread on both toes of feet a remedy of Ketu. Let the rain water pour onto summit of head of the native, because it is written in a symbolic way i.

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And there are many more remedies quoted in a similar way, having a link with body parts, which when performed according to Lal Kitab directions, works wonderfully and results are astonishing. So, from this, it is evident that it is also of much importance to be careful in knowing the link of planets with body parts and adopt concerned remedial measure in the same way as per laid down guidelines in Lal Kitab.

There are so many other warnings related with our daily routine work, which are also helpful to common man for smooth sailing of life of a person: When the general remedy is of no use, the under noted remedies will be helpful within a time of hours: 1. Mars Negative: Sugar and sesame combined balls rewaries to be thrown in running water.

Jupiter: Application of Saffron on forehead, tongue, umbilical point is recommended.

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Sun: Put Jaggery gur — an sweet product made from sugar cane juice in running water. Moon: Place milk or water in a pot towards head side of bed during night time and put it in Keekar Acacia tree in the morning time.

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Saturn: Donate Mustard Oil after looking in it, the shadow of your face should be seen in that mustard oil and then it is to be donated. Chhaya Paattar Daan. Mars Positive: Give sweets or sweet meals in charity or flow Jaggery in running water. Mercury: Punch make a hole a copper coin and flow it in running waters. Rahu: Donate white color radish with leaves or flow wooden charcoal in flowing waters. Ketu: Serve dogs with bread from your food. General Indication of Debilitation Loss of hair on the summit of the head of such person without any illness.

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khush raho horoscope Khush raho horoscope
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khush raho horoscope Khush raho horoscope
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